Visit this home virtually: - You can become a part of local and national history! The public often does not step in and rally to save one of Delaware's historic treasures until it is threatened with demolition. Here is your chance to go down in the history books BEFORE this home is endangered. Stonum, a National Historic Landmark property was once the country home of George Read, Signer of the Declaration of Independence, Crown Attorney General, member of Delaware Assembly, Continental Congress, President of Delaware 1777, Judge of Admiralty, member of Constitutional Convention, U. S. Senator, Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Delaware 1793. Although Read had a house on the Strand, Stonum was his country house which reached down to the Delaware River. Frequent flooding of this marshland requiring constant repair of embankments; he sold the land in 1789 . The oldest section which was the original kitchen dates to 1730 (left side on back of house). The 9th St. front probab



Carolyn Roland