Imagine it is the holiday weekend and you and your family are heading for a weekend trip to grandma’s house then the phone rings. It is the pet boarder calling to say there is a problem and they would not be able to watch little Otis for the weekend. Frantically, you call everyone you can think of to find a pet sitter with no luck you think if only there was a fix. Well, here is the answer! 18 Yarmouth Way is so pet-friendly that your pets can watch themselves while you are away. Little Otis gets the indoor comforts of home as well as access to the outside for fresh air, recreation, and potty time. The home equipped doggie door gives your furry friend the ability to freely roam in and out at their leisure. With access to only one room on the inside and their doggie dog leading onto the deck with steps directing them to an enclosed area just for them. Your pet is protected from the elements but still free to enjoy the outdoors when it wants or needs to and be secure. No longer will you have the expense of p Property ID: DEKT248478